Why do we refuse to forgive? If you have truly forgiven every person who has ever sinned against you then you are experiencing the freedom and the joy of forgiveness. We sometimes live with the seed holding unforgiveness and it becomes rooted in our heart, causing up to grow bitter. Jealously, envy, strife against your brother will open the door and cause you not to forgive.

"Unforgiveness strikes at the heart of our communications lines with God The Bible says, Hatred stirs up strife: but love covers all sins" (Proverbs 10:12).

Yet, forgiving others of offenses and hurts committed against us is an absolute requirement of living a Christian life. One cannot walk with God while harboring unforgiveness in his heart, "for how can two walk together except they agree."  Our Father is a forgiving God and walking in agreement with Him means walking in forgiveness.

Be slow to take offense, refuse hurt feelings towards other. If we want forgiveness from God, we must forgive other people. The Lord, Himself, has made our forgiveness of others the condition of His forgiveness of us. If we do not forgive others then He will not forgive us. But if we forgive others, He will freely forgive us. The key to the kingdom of freedom and victory in your life is forgiveness of your brother and sister each time they offend you.


Father you are the potter and we are the clay, mold me according to how you see I should be molded. Keep me free in my heart that I may forgive others as you have forgiven me. May your love flood my soul and cover my heart as your blood washes away all of my sins. Allow your love to flow through me to reach others for the kingdom of Christ in Jesus Name AMEN.

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