To overcome fear, do the good, the loving and the responsible thing regardless of your feeling. (2 Timothy 1:7John 4:18Matthew 10:26- 31) - Perfect love cast out fear. If we are involved in being obedient to God then love will not doubt, because we will be so engaged in willfully serving and believing God. Loving God makes us strong, believing God causes us to trust Him, with that trust there is no room for doubt, which leave no room for fear.

Fear comes from not trusting, this will open the door to doubt and hinder the true flow of the fountain of love flowing from God. “Summit yourself unto God and allow His love to flow through every fiber of your being.” Fear has torment; love has peace. Meditate on God and that’s the best thing.

If you fear: Fear the True and the Living God who has all power and authority. This fear means reverence not being afraid or scared of someone who loves you.

One distinguish kinds of fear:

(Deuteronomy 1:17Proverbs 29:25) – The fear of man is a fear that often cost us great contention, we recognize if this person does this or does that we can be in great trouble. This is unhealthy fear; it lead to further difficulties in our lives. Fear God, and work out our salvation with the love of Christ in our hearts. The fear of man should be irrelevant, because man can only heart the body. God restore the soul.


Almighty God, You have not given me the spirit of FEAR. Let my mine and body be free from this torment. May your peace flood my soul from the inside out in Jesus Name. AMEN.

Helpful Scripture:


Revelation 21:8

2 Kings 17:38

1 Samuel 15:24

John 9:22

Isaiah 2:19

Luke 21:26

Hebrews 10:22

Genesis 3:8,10

Revelation 6:16,17

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