The Bible warns us we must stand against the wiles of the devil and the fiery darts of the wicked. Discouragement is one of the main darts and is aimed at every one of God’s children. You can will to be discouraged or you can determine to believe God and have victory.

Discouragement strikes everyone at a time when your're not aware. We must avoid people who are always afraid, angry, and paranoid especially during the time we feel discourage. No matter what the situation is around you, Jesus Christ is always there to pick you up, whenever you encourage yourself in Him. Jesus will keep you in perfect peace, when your mind is on Him .

He is here right now to carry you through your discouragement. Allow Him to reveal His love.


Lord, I lift my eyes unto You who is the author of my faith. Replenish my joy and strengthen my faith, and keep me Lord in the mist of what’s going on in my life. I thank You Lord for Your wonderful encouragement and lift me up to a place higher in You, In The Name of Jesus AMEN.

Helpful Scriptures:

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