The backslider needs God’s forgiveness; man’s forgiveness, and forgiveness of self. It is a serious offense to follow Jesus Christ and then return to the world (Satan’s trap). God has great mercy He always allows space for repentance coming back to Him.

God forgave others; He will forgive you if you pray with all sincerity in your heart.

Do not let anyone or anything cause you to backslide and fall away from the faith. We must keep our eyes on the true and the living God who created us from the beginning.

God is married to the backslider. In the heart of a backslider, he is filled with his own ways. These thoughts are not like the way that God thinks. God’s thoughts are, come back to me, son and daughter. For we are His children whether saved or backslidden, He cares for us forever. This moment Jesus is saying, “Come back to me, because I love you.”


O God, have mercy upon me. I acknowledge and repent of my transgression, for it was against your will. I am truly sorry that I brought shame upon the name of your Son Jesus Christ and I claim His blood for the cleansing of my iniquity. Help me to regain my peace; joy and gladness, which you have, kept for me. “Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” Forgive me for causing others to suffer. Help me to be an overcomer never again to fall into the hands of Satan. I sincerely want to be the person you want me to be (your child) come into my heart restore my soul because I know you are a God of loving-kindness and tender mercy. In the Name of Jesus Christ my savior AMEN.

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