We are created in the image of God. We should not be surprise that we have the capacity of anger. We should not have that capacity for anger is as sin, because if we look at the character of God we find that God became angry. We have received that attribute from God, which is the capacity to be angry in the same manor at the love because we are created in God’s image. It is what we do with that capacity to make it sinful or non-sinful.

Anger can come under control of a godly person. As we walk with the Lord, we have the serenity through the Holy Spirit the grace of God to determine to control our anger redirect it and use that energy properly. We have to believe God for it and we have to take steps to implement that control in our lives.

How the new man behaves: How does the Christian behave living under control of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Control: does not lose temper. - He has control, he dose not loses his temper do not ventilate and blow up, he does not booed.
  2. Contact: does not associate with angry people. - He does not associate with angry people who contently model a behavior he should not be in.
  3. Contains: settles angry feelings early – He contains his anger, settle angry feeling early. Do not let anger grow or develop. He deal with the anger situation properly
  4. Chooses: to put off and put on. - He chooses put off the old way of living and put on the new way of living.

How God commands us to deal with anger:

Selfish anger is to be put off. (Ephesians 4:31) The anger out of my self -centered needs to be put off.

Biblical anger requires control (Ephesians 4:26) I am to be able by God grace to choose how I will respond when some thing stimulate anger in my life. Under anger, I should be in a constructive behavior vice destructive.

When we find ourselves frustrated, we need to look at why we are frustrated. If God’s glory is at stake, our frustration will generate righteous anger, but if our desires, goals or demands are at stake, then the forth coming anger will be sinful and lead to attacking others without

All reaction of anger (rage, loud shouting, name calling, malice) is sinful. It must be confessed to God and your neighbor and forgiveness sought before relationship can be brought into harmony.


Farther, I just flat lost it; I let things come out of my mouth that I shouldn’t have said, I ask you to forgive me for not being slow to speak, slow to anger and for what I said. Help me Oh Lord to watch my mouth and to remain calm in the mist of situations that I have no control over. Father you are gentle and I thank you for being there in the time of my need in the Name of Jesus AMEN.

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