Question: "I am a born again Christian, but backslided because of unforgiveness with a member of the church. I not only went back to my old ways before I became a Christian, but also became worst. All this happened in a month. So much worst what do I do?"

Answer: First you must ask God to forgive you of your sins and turn toward Him with your whole heart, mind and strength. Because God is not willing that anyone stay lost for He will leave those just persons and look for someone like yourself.  His love for you is greater than a mother and child. He is married to the backslider.

Once I was a backslider yet I did worst things than I did before I was saved. I know there is nothing to hard for God. Your focus must be on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not the Pastor, brother and sisters but Him who died for your sins.

Get cleansed in the Blood of Jesus. Renew your commitment with our Lord. Keep your eyes on Jesus who paid the price of his body nailed to the cross having each of our sins upon Him. Many people who sit in the pews or sat in churches don’t live right. Yet many are used by the devil. The Bible clearly states that sinners will not stand in the congregation of the righteous. God said let them be in the same place and he’ll do the separating in the end.

Just say yes to God and He’s faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That’s His unconditional love for you.

 Pray this prayer: Father, I’m a sinner; forgive me of all my sins. I’m tired of the life I’m living. I come home to You the one who really cares for me. Wash me in Your blood and help me to be obedient to Your word, which says love your enemies and do good to them that mistreat you. Give me the boldness to ask the person I’ve had trouble with to forgive me. Whether I’m guilty in their eyesight or not yet You know both of us. Heavenly Father, create within me a clean heart and a right spirit. Help those that I’ve hurt and bless those that have hurt me in Jesus name Amen.